GESE 5 Trinity topic task examples

If you have never prepared Trinity before, you may think it is an impossible task to guide a student to prepare the topic task of the oral exam. In order to prevent that shock, I’d like to give you some tips to prepare your students to do it.

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The first document I’ll show you is from the official website.


The second and third examples are taken from books used to prepare the Trinity exam.

Finally, this example was my own creation. A student asked me if she could talk about the famous businessman Amancio Ortega, but what should she talk about? These were my tips together with some possible questions an examiner could ask about the topic.

Now, in order to prepare the topic task, your student will need this form:


Finally, here is an example of a candidate of GESE 5 taking the exam. Remember that the first half of the exam is the listening.

I hope you find this useful!


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